Join our StreetSmart community today! Earn some money by giving us your perspective and feedback on a variety of topics ranging from “why you support certain brands” to “how you share information with others.”

StreetSmart is our proprietary community of consumers across the US representing a broad mix of geographies, ages and ethnicities. It’s also a philosophy that gives us opportunity to gather real and raw insight and keep us continually plugged into both consumers and culture. This approach ensures that our work in grounded in insight and true to culture.

Our clients tap into the STREETSMART community in multiple ways:

  • Qualitative conversations (ranging from “selfie style” interviews, community chats at local bars, barbershops, restaurants, to in-home ethnographies) to keep us in touch and in tune with what’s important to them and the culture
  • On the street, “pulse checks” to explore broad topics
  • Compliment quantitative research – e.g., Paired with Q scores to add further dimension on a personality and explore “fit” with a brand
  • Add breadth and depth to syndicated trend resources to inspire our monthly newsletter

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