Communications Veteran Michon Ellis Launches PR Agency

New agency CLOUT to give start-ups and midsize companies more “CLOUT.”

Press release:

CHICAGO — Long-time marketing communications agency entrepreneur, Michon Ellis, is filling a niche that he believes is overlooked by large global public relations agencies and corporate communications firms. His new agency, CLOUT, provides much needed communications support to start-ups backed by venture capital firms and midsize companies experiencing accelerated growth.

“As an entrepreneur working with other entrepreneurs, the void in PR and communications support for start-ups and midsize companies is very real,” said Ellis. “We saw this as an opportunity and, as a result, developed our own proprietary process that we call Enclave to empower companies and brands to grow their bottom line, influence the markets they serve and protect their corporate reputations.”

CLOUT helps start-ups and midsize companies/brands develop PR and communications strategies that enable them to build awareness for their brands and services. The agency also leads the process for developing and implementing crisis prevention and management protocols. CLOUT delivers other business solutions to address marketing communications, improving investor relations, internal employee communications, and protecting corporate as well as brand reputations online and off.

According to Ellis, who founded and served as CEO of marketing communications agency, LimeGreen Moroch, for the past 12 years and prior to that post, as Global Communications Director for the McDonald’s Corporation, it is usually not the start-up’s or a rapidly growing company’s products or services that cause the company to stumble or fail.

“Successful start-ups and midsize companies experiencing rapid growth often don’t see the PR or communications issues catching fire and certainly don’t have a proper communications strategy in place to prevent or handle crisis issues internally nor externally,” said Ellis. “We can expect to see this play out many times over in the exploding Cannabis sector. CLOUT can certainly help them avoid pitfalls.”

CLOUT has a national focus with affiliate offices in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and New Orleans in addition to the Chicago headquarters. The agency targets business sectors that include: consumer products/services, food & beverage, cannabis, healthcare & beauty, beer, wine & spirits, manufacturing, government affairs, technology, travel & hospitality, and sports & entertainment.

CLOUT’s current client roster includes a list of fast-growing companies such as AlligatorTek4D Healthware, and Art of Modern Dentistry.

Source: Lifestylemaven